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Massachusetts car accident causes power outages and road closures

A recent early morning car accident left several hundred Massachusetts residents without power for hours. This single car accident sent two people to the hospital after the car crashed into a power pole. Live electrical wires were lying across the road which caused a road closure on a highly traveled road affecting the morning commute.

While power was restored within a couple of hours, the southbound road closure lasted for several hours because of debris scattered from the accident. The northbound lanes also had to be closed for a period of time for power crews to be able to repair the lines. A road closure such as this can be a logistical nightmare for a morning commuter.

The occupants of the vehicle were expected to recover, but no further information about their condition was available immediately following the accident. No information regarding road conditions or weather were given, which could potentially affect any future charges the driver could face. The investigation will give further insight to these details.

A car accident such as this could have multiple victims. The power company could potentially seek to recover expenses and wages paid to their employees from the driver. The occupant of the vehicle could look into his rights under the Massachusetts state law as well. If the driver is found to have been negligent, the passenger could be entitled to payment for things such as medical expenses, lost wages from work and for any pain and suffering that may have occurred as a direct result of the accident.

Source:, “West Springfield car crash on Riverdale Street sends two to hospital, knocks out power to WMECO customers,” Dave Canton, April 4, 2013




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