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Massachusetts Car Accidents can Require Victims to Take Action

There are a slew of ways to reduce your auto insurance costs besides being a good driver—all you have to do is ask. On behalf of Kevin P. Broderick posted in Car Accidents on Monday, April 29, 2013.

A car accident can happen at any time and without warning. While not every car accident occurs with injuries, the ones that involve injuries can evolve into a financial and emotional stress on the victims as well as the victim’s families. A recent Massachusetts accident involved three cars and one immediately obvious injury which could cause just such stress to its victims.

There was originally some miscommunication about the location of the accident as well as the number of injuries, but once emergency personnel were on scene, it was determined one victim was trapped in a vehicle. Fortunately, however, that victim was able to be freed from the wreckage. The victim was transported to a local hospital with injuries that were not immediately publicized.

Others involved in the accident declined medical attention at the scene. Although they didn’t appear to be injured at the time, pain in the following days may be linked to the accident and medical attention could be required at that time. While no charges have yet been filed, the victims may feel the need to file a civil suit should they feel negligence played a part in the accident.

While a car accident can sometimes be unavoidable, drivers have a certain amount of responsibility when getting behind the wheel. Any resident that has been involved in an accident and has been a victim of injury or negligence could benefit from looking into their rights according to the Massachusetts state laws. There are several courses of action that can be taken to recover monetary loses as a result of an accident. Having a strong understanding of the law and the possible options can prove to be valuable when determining how to best proceed.

Source: The MetroWest Daily News, “Woman taken to hospital after Mass Pike crash,” Brad Petrishen, April 16, 2013.

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