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Attorney Kevin Broderick gives free consultations that are really free

Are Free Lawyer Consultations Really Free?

At the Lowell, Massachusetts Personal Injury Law Firm, Broderick Law Firm LLC, yes, our consultations are really free.

About Your Free Personal Injury Consultation

When you’ve been seriously injured, an experienced personal injury attorney can be an excellent source of information. For example:

  • Your options following a car accident or other type of injury
  • Any deadlines that may affect your ability to pursue a claim
  • An educated assessment of the likelihood of recovering damages
  • The type of damages that may be available to you and the potential value of your case

A free consultation with a personal injury lawyer allows you to gather this information before deciding which attorney to hire or how to proceed with your case. However, the value of your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer depends in part on you.

Preparing for Your Personal Injury Lawyer Consultation

Every personal injury case is different. So, the more the attorney knows about yours, the more accurate his assessment is likely to be. While an experienced personal injury attorney can always provide general information such as statutes of limitations and what you’d have to prove to prevail in court, the following information will allow for a better, more personalized assessment:

  • When and where the injury occurred
  • Exactly what happened to cause the injury
  • Medical records, or a listing of the injuries sustained and medical treatment to date
  • Medical bills and any other bills or receipts stemming from the injury
  • Copies of any police reports filed
  • Who witnessed the incident
  • Information about the person and/or company responsible for the injury
  • Any insurance information you received from the other party
  • Any photographs or other evidence you have

The attorney may not need to review all of this information during your initial consultation. However, you won’t know in advance which pieces will be most important in assessing your case. It’s better to bring too much than too little, so gather as much of the information and evidence on the list above as you can. If you have other information you think might be important, bring that too—there’s no such thing as being too prepared for your free consultation.

Even if the attorney doesn’t need all of the documents you’ve collected and lists you’ve made, putting the evidence in order and writing things down will help you organize important information and mentally prepare to make the most of your free consultation.

Assessing Personal Injury Attorneys

Hiring a car accident lawyer or other personal injury attorney requires careful consideration on your part. Although your free consultation is primarily an opportunity to ask questions and learn about your rights and options, it is also an opportunity to determine whether the lawyer is the best personal injury attorney for you. Take advantage of the time you spend with the attorney during your free consultation to answer your own questions, such as:

  • Does the attorney seem knowledgeable about my type of case?
  • Does the attorney seem genuinely interested in helping me?
  • Do I feel comfortable talking about my case and asking questions?

If you’ve come prepared, asked your questions, and developed a sense of how you’ll work with the attorney, you will leave your free consultation better prepared to pursue the compensation you deserve.

The First Step Toward a Successful Free Consultation

The first step toward a productive free consultation with a personal injury lawyer is to pick up the phone or fill out a contact form and get the consultation scheduled. You can take that step right now by dialing 978-459-3085. Or, if you prefer, complete our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.



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