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Avoiding Pedestrian Injuries and Fatalities

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The 2019 Dangerous by Design report from Smart Growth America (SGA) reveals a disturbing increase in pedestrian fatalities. More than 49,000 pedestrians were killed throughout the U.S. between 2008 and 2017. Across that 10-year period, the annual number of fatalities climbed from 4,414 to 5,977—an increase of more than 35%. By 2017, pedestrian deaths made … Read moreAvoiding Pedestrian Injuries and Fatalities

Can I Sue My Employer for Personal Injury?

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In most cases, employees may not pursue personal injury lawsuits against their employers in connection with injuries sustained on the job or in the workplace. In both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, as in most other states, workers’ compensation is an exclusive remedy. That means that a workers’ compensation claim is typically the injured worker’s only … Read moreCan I Sue My Employer for Personal Injury?

Avoiding Summer Slip and Fall Injuries

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As the weather turns warmer and the days grow longer, many people spend more time outside. While there are many benefits to getting out and getting more active, summer activities also introduce new risks. One of those is an increased risk of certain types of slip, trip, and fall injuries. It’s natural to think of … Read moreAvoiding Summer Slip and Fall Injuries

Living with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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When you hear “traumatic brain injury,” chances are that you think of a catastrophic accident. It’s true that many traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are caused by events such as a car accident, motorcycle accident, or fall from an upper level (such as construction site injuries). However, traumatic brain injuries may occur in much more routine … Read moreLiving with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Massachusetts Back Injury Attorney

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In this Article: Introduction Common Causes of Back and Spinal Cord Injury Recognizing and Treating Massachusetts Back Injuries Working with an Experienced Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Back injuries are surprisingly common in the U.S., including Massachusetts. About 80% of Americans will sustain a back injury at some point. Of course, these injuries vary significantly in … Read moreMassachusetts Back Injury Attorney

New Hampshire Slip and Fall Attorney

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In this Article Introduction Slip and Fall/Trip and Fall Lawsuits What if the Injury Victim is Partly at Fault? Damages in New Hampshire Slip and Fall Cases Talk to a New Hampshire Slip and Fall Lawyer as Soon as Possible Introduction Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents are so commonplace that they may … Read moreNew Hampshire Slip and Fall Attorney

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Why hire a personal injury lawyer

Many people who have been injured in car accidents or suffered other serious injuries are uncertain about how best to protect themselves. This confusion is often further complicated by insurance company representatives whose job is to save the company money by minimizing your compensation. Sometimes, those representatives seem so empathetic and helpful that injury victims … Read moreWhy Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Massachusetts Motorcycle accident attorney Kevin Broderick

A Dedicated Motorcycle Collision Lawyer in Massachusetts and New Hampshire In this article: Introduction The Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries Getting Help after a Motorcycle Accident Making Motorcycle Accident Assistance Accessible Possible Damages in a Motorcycle Accident Case Schedule a Free Consultation with a Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorney Introduction Any motor vehicle accident can cause … Read moreMassachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Massachusetts Slip and Fall Attorney

Massachusetts Slip and Fall Attorneys

Representing Slip and Fall Injury Victims in Massachusetts In this article: Preface Pursuing a Slip and Fall Lawsuit Damages in Massachusetts Slip and Fall Cases Broderick Law Firm, LLC Gets Results for Slip and Fall Victims Talk to a Massachusetts Slip and Fall Lawyer as Soon as Possible Preface Slip and fall accidents happen every … Read moreMassachusetts Slip and Fall Attorney

Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer Kevin Broderick

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Helping Victims of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Crashes In this article: Preface What Damages Can I Recover After a Car Accident? Broderick Law Firm, LLC’s Recent Car Accident Claim Settlement Results Should I Hire a Massachusetts Car Accident Attorney? How Do I Connect with an Experienced Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer Today? About 4,000 people are injured in … Read moreMassachusetts Car Accident Lawyer Kevin Broderick

How do I Find the Best Personal Injury Attorney?

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When something as important as getting fair compensation for a serious injury is at stake, it’s only natural that you should want the best injury attorney available. However, if you have little experience with the legal system, you may not know what questions to ask or characteristics to look for in choosing a personal injury … Read moreHow do I Find the Best Personal Injury Attorney?

Are Free Lawyer Consultations Really Free?

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At the Lowell, Massachusetts Personal Injury Law Firm, Broderick Law Firm LLC, yes, our consultations are really free. About Your Free Personal Injury Consultation When you’ve been seriously injured, an experienced personal injury attorney can be an excellent source of information. For example: Your options following a car accident or other type of injury Any … Read moreAre Free Lawyer Consultations Really Free?