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How to Find the Best Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorney

massachusetts motorcycle accident lawyer

When you’ve been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, the right motorcycle accident attorney can help you pursue fair compensation for your injuries. Working with an experienced Massachusetts motorcycle accident lawyer can also free up your time and attention to focus on your recovery. It can be tough to relax and rebuild when you are worried about interactions with insurance companies, managing deadlines, and other aspects of managing your claim.

But, it can be difficult to know how to find the right lawyer for you. If you haven’t used a personal injury attorney in the past and don’t have a friend or relative who can recommend a personal injury lawyer based on their own experience, it may seem impossible to differentiate one attorney from another.

If you are browsing the Internet, you’ll likely find many attorneys with good reviews. And, chances are that even the best attorneys may have one or two less-than-perfect reviews. Referrals, reviews, website content, and other information can help you rule out some attorneys  and give further consideration to others. But, that’s only the beginning.

That’s because there are two very different types of considerations to take into account when hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Researching Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

The first involves data and credentials. This will typically include considerations considerations like:

  • Recommendations, ratings and reviews
  • Education and years of experience
  • The focus of the attorney’s practice

All of that information is useful, and some of it is essential. Even the most dedicated and talented attorney may not be the right choice if your case is outside this is outside the lawyer’s experience. The most knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Massachusetts may know little or nothing about motorcycle accident cases. The substantive law and many practicalities differ significantly from one area of law to the next.

That is even true within the field of personal injury law. For example, an attorney whose practice is largely devoted to premises liability cases will likely have the basic understanding of the law necessary to file a motorcycle accident claim, even if they’ve never filed one before. But, an attorney who has experience with the specifics of motorcycle accident cases, knows how local juries typically react to certain issues that arise in that type of case, and has experience working with relevant experts may have more to offer when it comes to negotiation and construction of a strong case.

So, check credentials. Get referrals. Read reviews. Make sure the attorney has experience with motorcycle accident cases. But, don’t stop there.

Not Every Good Lawyer is the Right Lawyer for You

The next step is to consider the variables that will impact your work with the attorney. Some motorcycle injury attorneys like to pursue relatively quick settlements and prefer not to go to trial. That suits some injury victims, who may not want the stress of a trial or whose priority may be to get settlement funds as quickly as possible. For those plaintiffs, a quick settlement may be viewed as a success even if more significant compensation might have been in reach.

Other injury victims want to fight for maximum compensation, even if that means that the case takes longer and must be tried before a jury. If you fall into this latter category, it is important to make sure that your attorney is willing and able to try the case if that is in your best interest.

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re comfortable with the attorney and any staff you may be interacting with on a regular basis. That means:

  • Knowing who will be handling your case and who your point of contact will be
  • Making sure you are comfortable talking honestly to the attorney about your case
  • Ensuring that the lawyer listens to you and takes your goals and priorities seriously
  • Paying attention to whether the attorney answers your questions thoroughly and in plain English

Depending on the complexity of your motorcycle accident case and how it unfolds, you may be working with the law firm for a long period of time, and relying on the attorney’s advice to help you navigate a difficult and stressful time in your life. So, making sure you find the right fit is important.

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